Feb 25, 2009

TV Academy of Arts & Sciences Internships

Television Academy Foundation internships are designed to give qualified full-time students (undergraduate and graduate) pursuing degrees at colleges and universities in the United States in-depth exposure to professional television production, techniques and practices.

The postmark deadline for the TV Academy Foundation Internship Program is March 15, 2009.

Download the flyer APPLY NOW!!! The deadline is approaching quickly!

Students can apply directly online by clicking here.

Some EXAMPLES of internships that were awarded in 2008:
Cesar Tafoya - Art Institute of Phoenix/AnimationMentor.com
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Sarah Johnson - Rochester Institute of Technology
Film Roman – “King of the Hill”

Sascha Sims - Savannah College of Art and Design
Film Roman – “Goode Family”


Joe O'Neil - Carnegie Mellon University
CBS Television – “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Students who have completed college or graduate school prior to December 31, 2008 ARE NOT eligible. Seniors who are graduating in 2009 ARE eligible to apply.

Administrative and/or production duties will be assigned to all interns, however, collective bargaining agreements within the industry preclude some internships from "hands-on" experience in certain areas.


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation pays a stipend of approximately $4,000 to each intern accepted into the program, which will be allocated every two weeks. Applicable payroll deductions are made from payments. Interns will be responsible for their own housing, transportation, and living expenses.

All Television Academy Foundation internships are located in the Los Angeles area. Interns must have a car for transportation. In most cases, it is not possible to rent a car without incurring a surcharge if you are under the age of 25. In all cases, a major credit card is required for rental.


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