Apr 12, 2009

NFBC Films Online

The NFBC (National Film Board of Canada) has made a wide collection of their of films available for online viewing. It includes lots of animation, documentary, fiction and trailers. Find still image collections downloadable wallpaper for your desktop and media for purchase. The NFBC is THE VITAL and very important supporter for animation filmmaking in Canada.

Also, check out HOTHOUSE. Hothouse is an extension of the NFBC that is geared towards developing new talent. New filmmakers are brought in to make a film under the guidance of more experienced producers and mentors. Their program is a 12-week paid apprenticeship in full-on, all-inclusive, real-world animation filmmaking. Watch out for their announcement for the next round of Hothouse Workshop. it could be YOU going for 3 months to Canada to make a 1-minute film!

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