Jan 27, 2010

I hope I did this right... Anthony Bevilacqua

I really enjoyed learning about the history of ANIMATION. I particularly found the subject of POV or Persistence Of Vision to be especially interesting. From the simplistically brilliant design of the Thaumatrope, to the revolutionary idea of the Flip Book. All of which I never would have even associated with the field of animation. This is probably because my understanding of the definition of "animation" to date is admittedly very crude. I was completely oblivious as to just how much fell under the category, all the while my general impression was that it didn't extend much further than saturday morning cartoons. I also appreciated being educated as to the humble beginnings of Little Nemo; a character from a children's film that I had grown tremendously fond of while I was growing up. That Winsor McCay was definitely a guy of pure imagination and creativity.

Anthony Bevilacqua.

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