Sep 7, 2009

Too Art for TV

In January of 2006 [Stay Gold Gallery, Williamsburg], Too Art for TV opened as New York's first large scale fine art exhibition for the artists who work in the animation industry. Drawing in an excited, elbow-to-elbow crowd of artists, illustrators, filmmakers, animators, gallery goers, and fans of the animation genre, Too Art for TV, was the beginning of what became an annual event started by animation painter Liz Artinian, Too Art for TV's mission is simple: to foster, promote, encourage, and organize the talented many whose collective efforts bring television cartoons alive.

Too Art for TV, due to its multi faceted and pop origins, is an umbrella movement inviting pop surrealism, geek-core, graffiti, low-brow, and the finer arts into its shade.

Featuring the artists who brought you; Venture Bros. (Adult Swim), Superjail! (Adult Swim), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Fox Network), Ice Age (Blue Sky Studios), A Scanner Darkly (directed by Richard Linklater), SpongeBob SquarePants (Nickelodeon), Fairly Odd Parents (Nickelodeon), Samurai Jack (Cartoon Network), Star Wars: Clone Wars (Lucasfilm Animation), Metalocolypse (Adult Swim), Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network), Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends (Cartoon Network), TV Funhouse (SNL/NBC), Beavis and Butthead (MTV Animation), Home Movies (Adult Swim), Daria (MTV Animation), Pale Force (Conan O'Brien/NBC), Code Name: Kids Next Door (Cartoon Network), Stanley (Disney TV), Daria (MTV Animation), Blue's Clues (Nick JR), and more.

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