Dec 22, 2010

Be Creative: Finding a Job in the Arts via NYFA

The New York Foundation for the Arts has posted a helpful article, found here written by Maria Villafranca, which is aimed at YOU, the artist looking for employment. NYFA, as it is otherwise known, maintains an active online presence. While it is primarily there to serve the NY artist group, its reach is further than that, as in this instance. They provide "classifieds" and The SOURCE, both of which are full of listings for arts related jobs (mostly in NY,) grants, residencies, and more. You can sign up for their email list and receive a regular update on news that could provide your next big thing! As an example, I searched the word "animation" in The SOURCE and 45 results came up listing grants, fellowships, residencies and even a student scholarship. What are you waiting for?

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