Dec 21, 2010

Miwa Matreyek is another contemporary live performance artist that incorporates animation (projection) and multi-media, and has likely influenced Shana Moulton's movement into a specific style of live performance with her "Whispering Pines 10" mini-opera (see previous blog entry).

Myth and Infrastructure 4 minute excerpts from Miwa Matreyek on Vimeo.

Miwa does collaborative work as well as solo work, and seems to be dedicated to animation as the dominant environment in her mixed-media performances. She also has the surrealist approach in that she is blending fantasy and dream-like states into our viewer's real time world. Her use of her live body as a silhouette within the animation provides a narrative graphic function, engaging with the graphic animation, but her body doesn't necessarily stop there. Her physical, tangible form will enter into the work as well, and in some instances the work incorporates objects and forms. Matreyek goes between breaking/reforming the inferred "4th wall" between the viewer and the viewed.

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