Jan 25, 2011

Emile Cohl - The Hasher's Delirium (1910)

When I first watched this short animation I believed that it was a piece of propaganda against the dangers of wine and absinthe. Although, the man who appears to be in a middle of some sort of dissociative dream state seems to be enjoying the occasionally grotesque images. These images can represent some of the more base aspects of being drunk. The quick and simple morphs are charming where words like wine and absinthe transform into the objects that are associated with their creation. Wine to a bunch of grapes and absinthe to a worm for wormwood. The film ends when the man is ripped from his own stupor into reality. Where his own body tells him that he has had too much to drink in a slap stick manner. After a serious bender one does feel like they have been beat up. I'm still waffling on whether this is a pro recreational use of libations or a cautionary tale. Still it is entertaining and it is amazing that 100 years later anyone can view this short in the comfort of home.

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