Jan 20, 2011

Windsor McCay

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One person from class today that I found particularly interesting was Windsor McCay. In doing some research on him I found out that his father had originally intended for him to be a business man, and that is what he went to college for. He always loved drawing, though, and secretly worked a s a portrait artist in a "dime museum"(where audiences could enjoy skits and acts of all sorts) on the side. Upon leaving school, he got a job at the National Printing Company of Chicago, where he created promotional posters. After creating a variety of posters and ads, and working as a billboard painter, he moved on to create a few very successful comic strips for papers such as the New York Herald and the Cincinatti Commercial Tribune. It was here that he began his real career as a cartoonist. He went on to create multiple successful films and strips until he died in 1934 due to a stroke.

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  1. I love Windsor McCay's work. He was born in my hometown. Little Nemo is one of my favorites.