Apr 7, 2010

Duck Amuck!


Directed by Chuck Jones and produced by Warner Brothers Studios, the critically acclaimed surreal Looney Tune known as Duck Amuck was released in early 1953 from the Vitaphone Corporation and quickly became a unique and unconventional success. Ranking in at #2 in 1994's 50 greatest cartoons of all time, the short starred Daffy Duck at his unrestrained and ornery best. As the plot goes, Daffy is being randomly and incessantly tormented by the temporarily undisclosed animator of the cartoon he is currently inhabiting, and as the toon progresses, so do the bits. The logic behind this ingeniously hilarious cartoon, as according to Chuck Jones, is that it was intended to demonstrate that animation can be fueled by characters with distinct and recognizable personalities rather than merely funny appearances. In addition, Duck Amuck more or less permanently inducted Daffy into what I like to call the Looney Tune Hall of Fame; thus making him one of the more popular cartoons in the history of animation.

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