Apr 7, 2010

The History of a fictional land... Wackyland! -Yael

Since the discovery of Wackyland in the year 1938 , it has been a choice locale for the Looney Tunes.

Wackyland was first discovered by Porky Pig in his effort to find a Dodo.
When this animation was remade in color, it was dubbed " dough for the dodo." in 1949.
A company known as terrytoons supposedly ripped off the idea creating a place known as "dingbatland." the name just doesn't roll off the tongue!

Wackyland became frequently visited in the early 90's by the Tiny Toons. An iconic batch of characters for my generation, some people find them endearing while others want to drop an acme anvil on their candy colored heads. Babs bunny takes a wild trip to wackyland, a fun animation I must say. Unfortunately the only video I could recover of it was a horrible youtube fandub.


Wackyland is an amusing, surreal, and colorful place, so naturally it became a venue for some looney tunes video games. Adventures in Wackyland 2 was released in 1993 for the NES. Wackyland also appears in a newer looney tunes game for the Wii. Now anyone can visit wackyland, even if it's just pixelated! Sadly, neither of the games got high ratings, and are only mildly amusing. Also! You can race through wackyland in looney tunes racing (ps2.)

Wackyland: Prime vacation spot for 2010.

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