Apr 7, 2010

If frog could sing-stephen bevilacqua

The main reason I love this short is because it reminds me about loving the ridiculousness in every story. I remember siting down at my grandmother's house and that would be playing on TV in the living room. Later when I'm thinking on an idea, I follow that code of over expressive humor. Although some consider What's Opera, Doc? the perfect Chuck Jones cartoon, I would argue that this is the best choice to represent Chuck Jones boiled down to one short. Jones did a great variety of work, but he was at his best with little or no dialog, a visual cartoon that wasn't just slapstick visuals. This is not only a stupid thing to do in itself; it also makes no sense since there is no reason why crowds would rush in so enthusiastically to see the singing frog if the only attraction was free admission, but that's what the beer was for. The song is not only the best and catchiest in the whole cartoon, it also provided a name for the frog character when, overwhelmed by the popularity of the film and inundated with requests for the character's name, Jones dubbed him Michigan J. Frog. I've remember this cartoon for almost all my life and remember it always.

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