Apr 14, 2010

Talk to The Hand! Anthony Bevilacqua


Born in 1912, Jiri Trnka's stop-motion animated short film The Hand is a harrowingly gorgeous and tragically whimsical political statement in regards to his own personal disgust as both a freethinker and artist who is grappling with the severe effects of oppression and censorship while under narrow-minded, tyranical rule. Completed just three years before his death in 1969, Czech animator Jiri Trnka released this controversial work in 1965, cleverly disguising the underlining themes of The Hand with intricately detailed visuals as well as an adorably sympathetic central character. As the most simplistic version of the story goes, A humble little man who wishes to make a flowerpot for his most cherished flower is continuously bombarded by an ever present and disruptively intrusive giant hand. Perceived within the art community as fearless, provocative and humanistically relevant, The Hand quickly made animation history and eventually received worldwide acclaim, being called a milestone for Czech expressionism and even one of the greatest animated films of all time.
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