Apr 5, 2011

A brief history of the Warner Brother's and the Looney Tunes

The Warner (Wonskolaser) Brothers, who were born in Poland, started in the movie business by opening a small theater in 1903. Harry (born Hirsch), Albert (born Abraham) and Sam (born Schmuel) called their theater The Cascade, in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Then in 1904, the brothers, now including Jack (born Jacob), started began a a company that distributed films. This soon lead the brothers to Hollywood, where in 1912, they opened the Warner Brother's Studio. Sam and Jack worked in California, producing films, while Harry and Albert kept track of finances in New York. The first film the brother's made was My Four Years In Germany, based of the story by James W. Gerard. In 1923, Harry was given a loan and the brother's opened Warner Brother's Pictures, Incorporated.
The big thing that gave Warner Brother's some buzz was Rin Tin Tin, a dog brought back from a bombed kennel in France, after war. After the first Rin Tin Tin film, the dog became a star and household name. However, Warner Brother's was still not recognized as highly as the brothers wanted. It wasn't until the 1930's that Warner Studio's started using animation to gain an audience. The studio used Herman and Ising Studio's, who had been making Silly Symphonies for Disney. Herman and Ising made a sister series called Merrie Melodies for Warner Brother's. In 1933, Herman and Ising left Leon Schlesinger, who continued the Merrie Melodies alone. Later, Schlesinger was teamed up with Friz Freleng, Tex Avery, Robert (Bob) Clampett and Chuck Jones. This team brought us the Looney Tunes characters we know and love today.
In 1955, the Looney Tunes series was broadcast on television. The short were heavily edited for content. There could be no racial slurs or stereotypes, no violence and no depiction of "questionable items" (such as pills or alcohol). The series ended in 1986, but re-runs of the show were immediately aired in 1987 until 1996, when the movie Space Jam was released. Since then, Looney Tunes has be re-run on several of the networks owed by Warner Brother's Studios, such as Cartoon Network.

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