Apr 6, 2011

Disney World

Both Warner Brothers and Disney are incredible forces in film. Perspective on the origins and development of these major studios is incredible. Disney's successive failures before professional success. The bouts with Disney and his employes to the crossovers of staff to Warner Brothers. Considering the volume of internal drama its remarkable the amount of work that was produced, the stability of the studios and the quality of the work composed. Its Hard think of small animation studios emerging in the same fashion in contemporary market. In fact it makes me worried for the sake of independents, start ups and even other semi large organizations. For example Marvel Entertainment is now owned by Disney, and Warner Brothers controls the licenses of DC comics. These are not small studios, these are large corporate identities that have been absorbed by if you can imaging even larger identities. Obviously its a great thing that these franchises were saved from possible fiscal doom. However the more identities the larger companies are able to house under their umbrella, the more a general standard is created, the stronger this standard is the more difficult it becomes to break through.
In some cases independents and smaller studios are forced to work in the stylistic parameters set by these larger studios based on demand for similar work. The problem with this is that truly experimental works may not flourish do to lack of financial support or commercial demand, or worse yet, be consolidated by these umbrella corporations. I don't want to ramble about big corporations, there is a place for them. Seeing these mega studios meager beginnings offers a great deal of insight into the incredible difficulties and relentless will of the humans who procured them. However culture and capitalism has evolved well beyond what anyone would have imagined in the thirties and it worries me the fate of young animators intellectual properties, the currents of creative thought and the influence these corporations have over their germination and maturation.
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