Apr 13, 2011

Priit Pärn

Born in Estonia in 1946, Priit Pärn is one of the most recognized animators from the area. Although art and animation were not Pärn's first profession, he always found time to draw. His drawing were featured in local papers and he eventually was asked to work with Rein Raamat on the film Kilplased. After this experience, Pärn directed his own film, called Is the earth round?
In the years after, Pärn made many films that have won numerous awards. A good number of his films subject matter involve dark and historical reference to growing up in Estonia under the Soviet rule. His drawing style was concidered unusual and non-Disney-esque, which is what the Soviet's wanted. His way of drawing became influential however in his native Estonia, as well as around the world. His influence can be seen in television shows such as Rugrats, and AHHH! Real Monsters.
Today Priit Pärn teaches at the Turku University of Applied Sciences: Art Academy, in Turku Finland, as well as continuing his art practice.

Kas maakera on ümmargune? (Is the Earth Round?)


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