Apr 20, 2011


In searching the internet for more information on Frank Mouris, I discovered very little past what I already knew of his Oscar-winning animation: Frank Film, made in 1973. I did happen upon a website taken from the April of 1999 issue of Animation World Magazine titled On Winning an Oscar. The article interviewed Frédéric Back, Gene Deitch, Faith Hubley, Tyron Montgomery, Jimmy Picker, and Frank Mouris, asking the effect the Oscar has had on their careers. I was surprised to learn, in more than one interview, animators did not base the success of their films on whether or not they won or lost, and in some instances, animators preferred to not win. Gene Deitch claimed "Not winning it is not an artistic failure, and winning it is not necessarily an artistic success, but as the most heavily hyped award on the planet, the Hollywood Oscar sure does give you something to talk about!" The animators interviewed in this article did not deny the exposure that their careers were given, simply as nominees, but in many instances they preferred to work independently. I was also surprised to learn that Frank Film was planned by Frank and Caroline Mouris to be the one personal animation they made before joining the industry. Instead however, it won an Oscar and its success allowed them to work as independent film-makers and continue to pursue their 'personal film quest' while simultaneously profiting off of freelance animation work.


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