Feb 28, 2011

The Betty Boop Film

Many, many many people do not know that a Betty Boop feature was in production back in '93. Fleischer Studios got about six months into production when Frank Mancuso took over MGM studios, and everything came to an abrupt halt. This is the only known footage available from the film that never was- an animatic for a musical sequence between Betty and her father. Like the old shorts, the producers sought to keep Jazz music intertwined with Betty's character.

After watching the animatic, from a link I found ages ago (and was subsequently very difficult to unearth again after hosting was changed), a few fellow artists and I mused about what the film would have been like. There was a sort of mesmerizing, sad beauty to this little snippet of the story- perhaps I wouldn't have given it a second glance if it was just the stills released, or some concept sketches. Seeing the scene in motion, and hearing the lovely ballad are what really stick with me.

I sure don't know what the entire story of the film would have been, but I remember getting really nervous at the rumor of a CGI Betty Boop movie. Makes you wonder- "What if?"

-Lily H.

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