Feb 22, 2011

Referencing of animations on The Simpsons

In the most recent episode of The Simpsons, Bart made his online flash animation into a short animated feature. This short was then nominated for several awards, such as an Academy Award, and Oscar and several others. The episode not only talks about animation and some of the basics of making a short film, but makes reference to some classic and big name animations as well. The "other nominees" included, The Brothers of Beauville, which makes reference to The Triplets of Bellville, done in a similar animation style with deep colours and thin line work. Next was a black and white animation that referenced Persepolis, using the same think line work and greyscale contrast with one colour, the yellow of a flower. The Simpsons then make a reference to Pixar, with an animation company called Mixar, that made a short called Condiments, which was done in true Pixar fashion, CGI animation. Later, when Bart goes to the Oscars, the references continue with Willis and Crumble, a direct reference to Wallas and Gromit, which they kept true to by doing the clip in claymation.
The Simpsons: Angry Dad


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