Feb 17, 2011

The Old Mill


Disney's 'The Old Mill' is an single-handed testament to Walt Disney's dedication to visually striking, well rendered, well written and mentally fascinating cartoons. As a child who watched Disney films, I was always seized by the visual experience, while not quite being able to appreciate quite why or how. As an art student looking back on my favorite Disney classics, and appreciating some newly discovered ones as well, I find myself trying to quantify my experiences with Disney animations.


The 'Old Mill' Silly Symphony is a great animation which exemplifies best what is so fascinating and moving about Disney animations: it is a complete visual, auditory and emotional experience. Disney's dedication to beautiful, realism inspired animation makes the visual aspects of his work nigh on breathtaking, while the emotive and dramatic quality of the music act to enhance or highlight the visuals. The plot for the animations is well written and well timed to maximize your emotional attachment to characters, anxiety through the rising action and climax, then settle back with relief through the falling action and conclusion. Disney not only coordinated the best animators, writers and musicians for his animations, he selected a style and animation type to perfect. The 'Old Mill', made in 1937, remains relevant today through Disney's vision and commitment to really, really well executed animation.

*~Katrina~ *

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