Feb 16, 2011


The multiplane camera was an integral piece of animation equipment, creating an enormous sense of depth by separating elements based on a hierarchy dictated by foreground, middle ground and background. It instantly dated all effects and equipment prior to it, and could only be used by prominent studios that could afford the technology and had the space to house the massive unit. Its exciting to imagine the moment of realization, the creative wellspring that never would have been without it, the teams that were lucky enough to use the equipment, and the individuals that had tremendous drive and creative talent that never touched it. Technology and humanity are always trying to become the same thing......in doing so technology gets smaller and more personal. Entire animation studios are compact into software inside personal computers that sit on work desks. Its easier for an independent or small team of artists to get a hold of software and express themselves through animation now then it ever was. Adobe After Effects is one program that has the ability to replicate the the multiplane camera and a spectrum of other effects.

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