Feb 17, 2011


In watching the lecture slide show today, I read that Superman was created by two teenagers. Being one myself, I found it inspiring that something so iconic was created by someone when they mere around my age. 1933 is the date of the earliest (remaining) sketch of Superman, drawn by Jerry Siegel who created the superhero with his friend Joe Shuster when they were 17. They told the public that the origins of Superman arose as an image of what they wished to be seeing that they were unpopular average teens. However, after both creators died, a new theory as to the actual spark that ignited the dream of this cultural icon surfaced. In the very first comic strip of Superman, the hero rushes to the aid of a shopkeeper who was tied up and held at gunpoint. This is supposedly how Jerry Seigel's father died. He owned a clothing store which was held up one day. It is unclear whether he was shot or suffered from a heart attack, but Jerry's family believed that he was shot twice in the chest. So the theory as to the origins of Superman is that he was created as someone who could have rescued Jerry's father. Though this is not a proven fact, and neither of the creators are alive to state otherwise, there is strong evidence that supports the idea, and many comic experts believe it to be true.

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