Mar 17, 2010

Anime kicks Astro Boy!

Astro Boy or Tetsuwan Atomu recently received an unnecessary silver-screen facelift in the shape of it's first theatrical release, and although the new film proved to be quite the abomination, the revolutionary anime series on which it was based on is, sufficed to say, the polar opposite. Published in 1952, the manga cartoon which was quickly familiarized in the U.S. as Astroboy was originally broadcast on TVs across it's birthplace of Japan from 1963 to 1966 and experienced unanimous acclaim. However, this story about a lovable, world saving preteen robot did not officially premiere in United States until it was later developed into an evenhanded remake during the mid 80s. At which point, American audiences were equally captivated by it's unique premise, bizarre characters and stunning visuals. Unusually enough however, the show only lasted a mere two years before being cancelled by the networks and did not resurface again until yet another brief revamping in 2003. That of which turned out to be most unsatisfying to it's viewers both old and new as it was allegedly too dark a vision for the material.

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