Mar 26, 2010

NY MoMA shows!

It's Spring break (hallelujah) and I'm in NYC doing the museum and gallery thang. Today, the MoMA! And do you know what? The biggest thrill was finding out that I actually DO have a perky benefit from working at the SMFA. The fact that I am employed by the MFA gets me into all of these museums for FREEEEEEEE!!! hot diggity dawg!

The MoMA shows that we managed: William Kentridge, Marina Abromavic, and Tim Burton.

You MUST get here to see the shows! The Kentridge show is very well done and inspiring, and covers the significant aspects of his career as a fine artist involved in mark and image making, and using animation to bring his ideas a time-based facet. It was satisfying to see his growth and discoveries, his enthusiasm and passions, fixations and frustrations.

(by the way, I got yelled at a lot for taking pictures, which I wasn't supposed to do.)

Marina Abromavic's on-going live performance allows current visitors to participate with her, in this re-creation of previous performance piece. The visitor is able to engage in this conceptual and active defining of space and narrative by their physical and mental presence in the space at the table with Marina. If they wait in line, they are allowed to take a seat across from her and become part of the work. The work is continuing, and days are counted in formal scratch marks on a nearby wall.

Last, some pictures from the Tim Burton exhibit. Anyone that is already a major fan will have lots to gush over, and plenty to learn about Burton's early years as a budding young artist. The exhibition is primarily involved in displaying his concept sketches, some storyboard work, hand-written notes, props, models, puppets, costumes, visual development work and films. Some beautiful maquettes of his fabulous creatures are from another extremely talented artist, Rick Heinrich.

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