Mar 24, 2010

LED Synch Strobe for Animation Device

Hooray! After a loooong time of trying to work out this challenge, I finally brought it all together. Here's a quick look at my set up for creating a synchronized LED strobe for my phenakistoscope wheel. The idea is to get an LED light to pulse on and off in relation to the sequence of animation frames. The wheel has slices along the perimeter which function as shutters when you use it to look at it in the mirror (normal way of observing a phenakistoscope). BUT! Now, you don't need the mirror, because the shutter system now becomes the on/off trigger, by opening and closing the visual connection between the infrared LED emitter and detector. Whoooohooo!!

brought to you by <.:: Lorelei ::.>


  1. OMG: you have just invented a better mouse, er light, trap. Deserves a round of clicks (provided by the crank that the viewer uses to drive the device). GG

  2. LED Strobe Light We got a couple of these to add to our band's stage lights. We use them more like accent lights. They're small and really affordable. We like them.