Mar 6, 2010

Cartoon Censorship. ANTHONY BEVILACQUA
Even in the 90's, television cartoons, apparently even those with an "ends justifies the means" underlining message to kids, still were not allowed to express themselves to their fullest, unrestrained comedic creativity. For example, in this BANNED/ONCE AIRED episode of the short lived Looney Tune successor known as "Tiny Tunes", Buster Bunny and the gang decide to split a bottle of beer between them, and after one thing leads to another, proceed to get drunk and eventually corrine a stolen cop car off a cliff and die. Of course, seconds before the segment came to a close, the three reveal that their recent attics had all been merely in good fun and the episode had been staged solely to demonstrate the evils of underage drinking. Unfortunately, given the sensitive subject matter coupled with disturbing visual depictions, it eventually seemed to the network that the big reveal at the end was more or less a poor effort on the writers' behalf that was simply too little too late when given the blatant controversy.

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