Mar 3, 2010

Betty's comeback!- Yael Silverman

Betty Boop seemed to have shaped sexuality in the late 20's to early 30's. Her boop oop ba doop and curvaceous figure made her simple irresistible to watch. Once the Hayes code came in to effect Betty could no longer emulate the flirty girl all the guys loved. Her motherly attitude was a flat out turn off, similar to mickey mouse's new conservative behavior. Both characters sunk while new sassy characters like Donald duck had a rise in fame. Of course, Betty Boop and Mickey mouse are still very well known character names today. How did Betty's name stay so famous ?

Thank VHS! After 50 long years, Betty came back in 1988, cute as ever!

Once VHS became a household staple, Betty was released in an 8 volume cartoon collection for all to enjoy. Her form was celebrated in it's original sexy nature; the Hayes code was no longer very relevant or effective at this point. Sexuality had opened it's door, and now it seems, for good. Betty dolls, household items , and accessories have since become available to the public and well received at that !

we missed you Betty.

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