Mar 3, 2010

Rotograph (Taylor)

I was a little confused by the concept of a "rotograph" so I used the internet! Apparently it's the combination of a multiplane and a stop motion set. With this set up, they could play with lighting, move various layers at different speeds, and simply place the cel in front of the camera between glass for the actual animation.

The Fleischer Studio utilized the Rotograph for special episodes of their most popular cartoons. By the end of the 1940’s, the studio abandoned the Rotograph, bowing to its expense and changes in the film industry. Regardless, the Rotograph produced animation that is visually arresting even today.

The rotograph was a very interesting and unique solution for more depth and realism, and although I found the terms in which it was used (clean cel animation on top of mediocre sets) visually awkward, I wonder how it might be used by artists in modern times... used by - say - a student at our school? hmmmm....

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