Mar 14, 2010

Gestural Interactivity with Wii and Flash

I've gathered together the information and methods for how to use the Wii remote, an infrared LED light and an interactive Flash "game" environment. The goal was to be able to take Johnny Lee's "wiimote whiteboard" and LED finger sensor system and to figure out an interactive animation method using Flash. An important part of this is that I use a Mac, and it took another cool inventor, Uwe Schmidt,, to execute the Mac version of Lee's Wiimote script.

The Wii remote can be used as an infrared receiver, receiving information of the infrared LED when waved in front of it. The Wii-remote is then passing coordinate information to the Mac's operation of the cursor. The Flash environment in this situation is a published SWF file, and is using an invisible "rollover state" button that is using action script (AS 3) to call 3 external movie clips to load/play until the next one is called.

I'm a novice when it comes to action script, so I hunted around for examples and modified those. This is ugly as a sample- it's only intended to demonstrate the concept. How about outfitting some gloves with IR LEDs, and using this system for gesture - interactive games!

IMPORTANT: the Wii whiteboard interface allows you to select a mouse "identity" that will either just MOVE the cursor on the screen, or use it to MOVE AND CLICK. It also can read MULTIPLE infrared LEDs, which allows you to get more complex with selecting and manipulating objects on the screen (see either Johnny Lee's demo or the "glovedgame demo", links below.)

Good youtube video on making IR LED pen
about resistors
GLOVED GAME demo using same system
youtube video showing game glove and Wii cursor in "move/click" mode
Wii TABLE using projector/mirror/frosted glass

from Lorelei

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  1. Wow, congrats! That's pretty ingenious. I'm sure Carolyn will benefit lots from this. Hurray for DIY!