Mar 3, 2010

In 1933, the Fleischer Bothers brought the America's most beloved comic strip to life. After Elizer Segar sold the rights of his comic strip to the Fleischer Bothers, Popeye became the most iconic cartoon character since Mickey Mouse. With Paramount distributing, Popeye made his first apperence on television in 1933. one of the most ground breaking shorts in the series was Popeye meets Sinbad the Salior with its use 3D backdrops. In other animated series, you would get this very dull and other wise one-demisioned quilty about the world the characters walk through. Popeye meets Sinbad used real models to give the viewer a much more stunning enivorment. When the film first came out many were not ready for the first colored popeye adventure and was the story's biggest criticism. However it did not the film from earning an 1937 Academy award nomination for best animated short but lost to Disney's The Country Cousin. It's been years since I've seen Popeye meets Sinbad and seeing it again in class brought back the fun creative life of my favorite children films.

Roger Ebert calls Popeye meets Sinbad

"This cartoon is visually astounding even after 65 years. Longer than the typical Popeye being done at the time (by quite a bit), it justifiably received a great deal of fanfare and notice on its release and is considered one of the finest animated shorts ever made by a great many people (including me)."

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