Mar 30, 2011

Beyond the Caribbean Islands

Out of the many things to love from this wondrous bit of animation I find myself drawn to how the selected muisc really complimented the animation. As opposed to what I felt was the strange proto-darkwave/industrial music of Diagonal Symphony. The pairing of the Afro-Caribbean sounds of Don Baretto with an abstract animation that matches the energy of the music that I associate with my childhood in the Caribbean. At the time this was made the world was turning its ears to music from the Caribbean, Latin and South America from Carmen Miranda to post War I Love Lucy's Rickey Ricardo. There is a primal call to action when most people hear the music to emerge out of the colonization of the new world. Through the color and movement of the work created a sense of a large group of people dancing who are way too drunk off of rum.

Also, it is a prime example of how to get paid doing something you love and are passionate about. Granted, the amount of hustling, who you know, and who is exposed to your work goes a long way. It is still great to see how it can be done and how to able to express one's ideas through a government contract. There is no shame in using your skills and talent to pay the bills any way you can. Len Lye is now my favorite Kiwi surpassing Bret and Jemaine.

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