Mar 16, 2011

Ladislaw Starewicz & Today

In Ladislaw Starewicz's The Cameraman's Revenge (1911), a grasshopper seeks revenge on a beetle by filming the beetle's wrong doings and projecting them for others to see. The early stop-animation gives a glimpse at a world of bugs similar to the more recentPixar film A Bug's Life (1998). The two films are somewhat similar in that the bugs live in a somewhat human-like society. Although it is not clear if The Cameraman's Revenge inspired or helped in someway to the latter but one other more recentfilm might have been.
Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas
(1993), is extremely similar aesthetically
to Starewicz's The Devil's Ball. The dark imagery or nightmarish creatures
almost look like a past
version of Burton's
film. The amount of detail in The Devil's Ball (1933) is impressive. And once more the characters in both films are three-dimensional Perhaps Starewicz's vision stills runs through
animation today, inspiring
other creations to come.


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