Mar 9, 2011

Tanks, Torpedos & Bomber-jackets: WAR & POP-CULTURE

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Mickey's "gang" was the answer. During WWII, just like any war, there was mass amount of propaganda flickering across the globe; On one side one sees "purity" trying to triumph over the "weak" and on the other Mickey and the gang confronting the World's worst nightmare.
The Disney characters were a main motivator for Americans to get in the war, but it did not stop there. Shortly following the propaganda explosion, a request from a Naval Squadron in Floyd Bennett Field was made to Disney for a Military logo. The idea blew up and at the end of the war the number reached to about 1,200 emblems. These were made for American troops as well as allied. The characters consisted of almost every character from Disney excluding Mickey, who stayed home for the defense. One of the most popular characters for the emblems was Donald Duck. Due to his aggressive attitude and short-fuse temper it is no wonder why he was chosen so many times. Some other characters that made the list, but were created exclusively
for the war were Seabee and the Flying Tigers.
Disney was a huge significance to Americans and people world-wide during WWII and it was due to Disney himself feeling obligated to
something for the American cause.


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