Mar 16, 2011

Past & Present: Animation-Hallucination


There have been many advances and changes to animation, but somethings still remain in the art today. Emile Cohl's The Hasher's Delirium (1910), translated in one way or another, the hallucinations of Absinthe. Using abstract shapes and lines, the pictures seem to flow in and out of one another. Animation seems to be if not one of the best devices to translate the abstract and unknown, then one of the most interesting. With animation, the artist has complete control over manipulating and distorting the images (sequences). Unlike film, animation relies on drawing in which drawing itself is a abstraction of line.

Since the 1960's drugs seem to have become more and more apart of U.S. culture and within the culture there are cartoons (animation). Today one can catch artists trying to translate the abstractions perceived from altered states of mind still; Above is a clip from The Simpsons Ep.9 Season 8.


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