Mar 30, 2011

Visualizing a Migraine Headache- Abstract Animation as a Force for Description of Human Experience

Watching abstract animations reminded me heavily of trying to explain what a migraine can "look" like from the affected brain. As someone who suffers from frequent migraines, sometimes triggered by light or flashing, I can speak from personal experience as to there being a noticeably different visual experience from the brain experiencing normal function, to a brain under the affects of a migraine. Abstract animation relates heavily to the function of the brain by directly referencing biorhythms and the brain's ability to "understand" visual cues- and migraine headaches are heavily influenced by the brain's own biorhythms. Light sensitivity can grow or recede, the pounding of blood can have different rhythms, the fogginess around the outside of your field of vision can rapidly grow and retreat. Migraines, as awful as they are to experience, can be fascinating, and even visually beautiful. The following are animations made by different people who experience migraines and the different ways they have visually described their migraines experiences.


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