Mar 9, 2011

Gremlins go to War

Fifinella was the character developed by Roald Dahl for Walt Disney Productions featured in The Gremlins, a children's book. Published in 1943, The Gremlins tells the story of gremlins who are protecting their forest lands. The main role of Fifinella is to serve as a gremlin who prevents malfunctions in air combat that supposedly are caused by male gremlins who sabotage planes in order to protect the aforementioned forest lands. In addition, this character became associated with the Women's Army Corps (WAC) and more specifically with the Women's Auxilary Ferrying Squadron.

What I found most interesting was how seriously this character and the male counterparts were used as a way of both building a sense of nationalism and morale, but were also used as a display of camaraderie among the armed forces. In addition, not only were the G.I.'s branded with this character via patches and decorations, but also were the planes that they flew.



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