Mar 16, 2011

Multi-Plane Camera on Bald Mountain

The Multi-plane Camera was invented by Walt Disney and gave clear advantages to creating depth and more of a cinematic look. The technique was first used with experimentations and then to film Snow White (1937). Later in 1940 the camera was used to capture Fantasia. A segment from the film, Night on Bald Mountain, was also filmed with this technique and was
given a distinct look compared to Alexandre Alexeieff's version
of Night on Bald Mountain (1933) which used a pin-hole technique.

Disney's method proved to be a little more interesting due to the depth and cinematic qualities, but on the other hand it is not as expressive as the animation from Alexeieff's version. The latter seems to also have more of an undertone of celebration as Disney's is based on fear. The two films used the same song and had a totally different approaches and outcome.


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