Mar 3, 2011

The Lusitania

This large vessel was designed by Leonard Peskett for the Cunard Line in 1907. The name"Lusitania" comes from an ancient Roman province. The ship was designed with the latest technology in mind in order to help Cunard compete with other companies involved in the trans-Atlantic passenger trade. The Lusitania with the assistance of another ship, The Mauritania, was able to create a convenient transportation system from Britain to America. These two ships were the first to sport Parsons' Turbine Propulsion, technology which made them more fuel efficient, faster, and reduced sound and vibration. They were the biggest ships ever created, and boasted 50% greater passenger capacity in comparison with their closest competitor.
The ships were designed to be capable of conversion to armed vessels for warfare, but were not suitable for armed service due to size and fuel guzzling. They continued to carry passengers and be available for the transport of government items. Though The Lusitania was sunk by torpedoes shot from a German sub, The Mauritania continued to serve in the same manner. The controversy as to the exact motivation for the sinking of the ship is still active today.



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