Mar 16, 2011

Shan Shui & Feelings from Mountan and Water

Shan Shui is a traditional form of Chinese painting. The subject matter is often very serene depicting natural scenery usually including mountains and water. The paintings are very organic utilizing soft brushstrokes and earthy colors. Shan Shui was like a form of meditation as well as a spiritual experience. The artist pays close attention to their personal thoughts on nature rather than the accuracy of the real life image they are painting.
In 1988 Shan Shui style was adapted into a water/ink animation by Tei Wei entitled Feelings from Mountain and Water. The highly regarded animation creates a beautiful ethereal atmosphere . The film eloquently moves the viewer through scenes of waterfalls, rivers, and hillsides. The only sounds that can be heard are natural elements along with traditional Chinese string instrument. Tei wei does an excellent job of making one feel as if they are able to enter a Shan Shui painting and move around in it. The animation is simple; seeming almost effortless, but that is what makes it so beautiful.



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