Mar 16, 2011

Yoji Kuri

Kuri began his career as a cartoonist. His work is artistically varied. In 1960 he started his own independent studio where he used a 35 mm animation camera. In 1961 Human Zoo won the bronze metal at the Venice Film Festival. Winning the bronze metal set of Kuri's career. In 1967 he launched the film The Room . The film s only 5 minutes long , it was shot frame by frame in an admixture of animated cels and cut-outs that was on color-stock. The room was geared towards the adult audience.Tableau One provides the film's titles, which appear within the room's space, Each tableau itself is distinctly marked by often bizarre transformations. Kuri continues his work today. Now he creates fashion flip-books, kinetic sculptures, paintings and drawings.


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