Mar 9, 2011

Business American = Not Evil.

A lot of what was watched in History of Animation last week can be compartmentalized by placing it in context of the times. I can understand that during war times and pre-civil rights people thought and acted differently to their fellow humans.. I hope that most people today do not condone the use of stereotypes to create antagonists, otherness, or like Larry the Cable Guy comedy. The use of stereotypes and accented speech to create a difference between hero and villain is still in use. Disney took advantage of it in their 1992 hit Aladdin where the main protagonists spoke business American and any evil-doer spoke with an accent, while Disney might have become more attuned to this to prevent other unsavory legal attention, other major motion pictures still use accented speech in similar manners. Like the Viceroy and Jar-Jar in the recent prequels of Star Wars. Even though as a nation we have move forward since the Japanese interment camps and the civil rights movement. It is clear that there are still people in media making decisions to use sound to separate how non-business American speakers are good and ethnicity is less desirable.

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