Feb 3, 2010

Ambiguous Black and White Animals

During this class we watched some Felix the Cat and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Now, as a child, it was my understanding that Disney cartoons, and other strange cat-like animals enjoyed singing and dancing and occasionally flying airplanes. This is not entirely true. As we watched last week, Felix the Cat also enjoys dislocating his tail, and huff fumes to avoid fatherhood. Oswald discovered that hot dogs can feel pain, but continued selling them. Watching these really makes me wish I couldve been an animator in this time, where you could be as pollitically incorrect as you wanted and everyones ok with that. what a time. Ultimately it was good to see the progression of Mickey Mouse and other cartoon icons, especially in their almost neanderthal stage of backwards messages and zero censorship, which is my favorite kind of censorship. I look forward to the shockingly offensive material yet to come.

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