Feb 3, 2010

The Devil's Ball-Amelia D.

I recently found out that Ladislaw Starewicz's stop motion film "The Mascot" was named one of Terry Gilliam's Top 10 Best Animated Films Of All Time. Yikes. That's a pretty rad honor. Other names on that list include works by Svankmajer, The Brothers Quay, and...South Park. Hmmm...

Anyway, I figured I'd post about "The Mascot" because not only is it hugely influential, but it's also really well done. One part I particularly enjoyed from it was the segment entitled "The Devil's Ball". If you haven't seen "The Mascot" before, it's about a toy puppy who comes to life and goes on this epic quest to find an orange for a sick little girl ( I think she had scurvy or something like that)
This part of the movie is about him going through a ton of ridiculous stuff just to get this orange back to the girl.
Ladislaw Starewicz- The Devil's Ball

Also, here is the link to Terry Gilliam's list of the best animated features.

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