Feb 17, 2010

Snow White - Anthony Bevilacqu

Snow White premiered in 1937 and was Walt Disney's first feature-length animated film to date. However, due to the use of state of the art technology and never before used techniques, Snow White was not an easy accomplishment for Disney. In fact, mid way into the production, Disney, who had run out of time and money, was forced to seek help from Bank of America in order to complete the film. Thanks to a significant business loan, Disney was able to try new and innovative ideas and strategies in order to influence his crack team of illustrators. Such examples included the use of live actors, models and animals, in hopes to give animators a more intricate understanding of the motions and mannerisms of a living entity. Luckily, Disney's efforts were not for nothing as Snow White was a unanimous hit, and as a result, was immediately followed up by Pinnochio, premiering a year later in 1938.

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