Feb 10, 2010

L'Irony of L'Idee

L'Idee, an animated film made with woodcut prints, is largely credited to Frans Masereel. But why? It seems that Bertold Bartosch did most if not all of the work. I just don't see how Frans fits into this. Maybe he came up with the concept and thought behind it, but lets face it, I'm sure a million people felt the same way living in a suppressed society. In the end it isn't all that original. Bartosch, however, put in all the work, making the woodcuts, putting them together, and spending all of his time working on it in a small studio. What did he get for that? In my opinion, not much. Maybe he had a lot of fun doing it (I'm sure he did) but let's face it, he probably wanted more credit. Call me a slave to the dollar, but I would want to be paid for my time. In a way, doesn't this make Masereel the suppressive government figure and Bartosh the freedom fighting citizen working and working for someone else's success? Kind of seems that way. Thank god for British bankers hanging around to bail you out of a rut.



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