Feb 24, 2010

Why did everyone hate Walt so much?

One of the biggest topics hen talking about Disney is the fact that everyone seemed to want to screw over Walt Disney. Charles Mintz tries to take Disney down before he was even successful, Pat Powers decides he hates Disney and breaches a contract with him to avoid paying him, and steals his main animator, Ub Iwerks, who was the only one really animation the popular movies at the time. Disney's own brother re-hires Ub Iwerks behind Walt's back. It all seems unfair until after WW2, when alt decides he is all about America and starts turning his on staff in as communists during the Red Scare. Everyone should have seen this coming with the instructional shorts for the military during WW2, but maybe Walt was just a jerk and Pat Powers and Charles Mintz were the good guys.




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