Feb 22, 2010

Deleted Racist Scene in Fantasia-Amelia D.

Pretty much everyone has seen Fantasia (and if you haven't you need to), and is familiar with the scene with the centaurs set to Beethoven's Pastoral symphony. A lot of people don't know that there was a character named Sunflower introduced in the earlier versions of Fantasia.
She was edited out in the later versions because she was deemed too offensive. In an article on Cracked.com entitled "The 9 Most Racist Disney Characters", the author says "It was insulting enough for Disney to include the smiling servant stereotype to begin with, but, to make matters worse, they started categorically denying Sunflower's existence with the Fantasia re-release in 1960. How does that possibly make things better? "No, you misunderstand. In our perfect, Fantasia world, Africans aren't servants. They don't fucking exist."

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  1. I thought she was cute. People are too sensitive by a mile.