Feb 10, 2010

A passion for papercuts, exploring Lotte's other work

Lotte's work seemed to be a blatant favorite for the class, myself included! There was a surprising amount of detail and smoothness for paper cuts. I was also stunned by the deco style and fantastic use of limited color due to technological restrictions.

As mentioned in class, Lotte had a weak spot for classic fairy tales and frequently made animations inspired by them. A particularly stunning example of this passion is jack and the bean stalk, which has a considerable amount of added color. This film was created in 1955 after technicolor was already thriving. Though this film is a pleasure to the eye, I feel Lotte lost some depth along the way. This film is considerably more narrative that Prince Achmed, and I feel Prince would be appreciated by a much larger audience while Jack seemed directed at children. Another con to the beautiful colorful backgrounds is that they seem to put the black silhouttes somewhat "out of place" see for yourself. simple color backgrounds seem to be the most efficient in the end, more so than black and white or color scene style backgrounds.

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