Feb 8, 2010

Lotte Reiniger - Amanda Bonaiuto 2-8-10

Lotte Reiniger caught my attention initially with her elegant use of silhouettes and her amazing craftsmanship. Though it was not odd for an upper class woman to do such things as silhouette cut-outs, ascribed to women because of it's femininity and elegance, no other artist had quite the same intrinsic talent as Lotte. The intricacy in each of her cut-out characters is extremely admirable, especially once you are aware how much precision and effort was put into each piece.

Reiniger was extremely courageous and quite independent when it came to her work. This attitude could be considered Avant-Garde in the sense that most artists didn't become quite so independent as Lotte with their work at that time, especially women. Though slightly avant-garde, she also worked rather traditionally in terms of her subject matter. Her whimsical, romantic fairy-tale like stories were very feminine and less radical. Her subject matter spoke to an early, innocent age. Reiniger was extremely prolific and created about 70 films by the time of her death, though she only made one feature-length animation film.


Here's Lotte's version of Hansel and Gretel-
Contemporary Silhouette Animation(sort of). Not made with cut-outs, but real objects back lit.

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