Feb 27, 2010

Superman's original seventeen

In 1941, the Fleischer Brothers decided to adapt the popular comic book icon known as Superman into an animated television series featured in technicolor. This short lived cartoon series, originally released by Paramount Picture, would prove to be the last one ever spearheaded under the supervision of Fleischer studios. At which point, after the airing of only eight of the original episodes, produced from 1941 through 1942, the show was eventually taken over by Famous studio, a successor company to Fleischers studios, who produced the remaining nine espidoes from 1942 to 1943. Ultimately, Max Fleischer along with his brother Dave were stripped of their studio, as well as virtually all power and creative control in regards to every cartoon they were responsible for creating. However, the Fleisher's original idea for a animated Superman program can still be credited as inspiration for a handful of other man of steel adaptations to appear on the small screen in the years to follow.

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