Feb 3, 2010

In reading 7 min. i was particularly intrigued that Max Fleischer Aryanized his name for Nazi Germany. Then got to thinking about animation and social uprisings and wanting to know more about animations being played in Nazi Germany as well as if there was anything coming out of Spain around this time. One of what few i found . . Animated by Hans Fischerkoesen showed 1943 the song sung at the end supposedly translates to“This is the summer of my life, how beautiful you are in your dress of flowers. Who ever saw you did not live in vain, my heart melts in sheer bliss . . . How beautiful you are …” . also the animator of "Das Dumme Ganslien( The Silly Goose) Das Gespenst( the Ghost)".

Entirely separate but connected in some way i stumbled upon "The King of Jazz" (1930) Staring Paul Whiteman( White and the king of Jazz) Created by Walter Lantz & was the first two strip Technicolor. Rather funny Rather racist this cartoon ends with the explanation of how Paul Whiteman became the "King of Jazz". A monkey throws a coconut hitting him on the head where a lump in the shape of a crown Grows.

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